Stephen Katz & Associates provides full acoustic measurement, testing, and evaluation, and consulting services including:

Indoor, Outdoor Shooting Ranges, and Shoot Houses

  • Outdoor and Indoor site studies and evaluations
  • Pre-acoustic treatment measurement, evaluation, and recommendations
  • Materials and coverage recommendations
  • Post-acoustic treatment measurement, and evaluation
  • Inside and outside sound transfer (STC) measurement, and evaluation
  • Sound Studies, reports, and performance certifications, etc.
  • Liaison with, and testify/present to; Town Councils and Boards, state and local noise ordinance enforcement officers, citizen groups, etc.


  • Measure and evaluate suppressors, and silencers
  • Measure and evaluate firearm sound levels, sound propagation, spectral distribution, etc.

Industrial & Factory Noise Evaluation and Control

  • Our specialty is the measurement and evaluation of high impulse noise sources
  • Sound transfer characteristics
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Surveys and reports

Other Measurement Services

  • If you have an unusual situation we specialize in multi-channel high-speed audio recording and analysis
  • We utilize ¼”, and ½” instrumentation microphones, pressure sensors, accelerometers, etc.
  • Line powered and battery powered multi-channel 192k/24bit recording platforms
  • Full post analysis full function high-speed/24bit FFT spectral software
  • We have and can create custom metrics

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