Shooting Range Noise Solutions Specialists

At Stephen Katz & Associates we are dedicated to measuring and consulting on shooting range noise solutions that are effective, affordable and custom tailored to your requirements.

We also do testing and consult on other types of high-level noise environments and design engineering noise controls.

“If it’s about sound, we are there…”

Who Is Stephen Katz & Associates?

Stephen Katz & Associates specializes in acoustic testing, analysis, and solutions, with a focus on shooting range noise measurement and noise abatement.

  • Our goal is to serve our clients, providing them with unbiased testing, reports, and recommendations.
  • We pride ourselves on integrity and professionalism.   And subscribe to the ethics and standards of our profession.
  • Our mission is to promote the safety, health and welfare of our clients, and the people they employ and serve.
  • Our aim is a safe, quiet and a healthy shooting environment for the enjoyment of all.

Stephen Katz is an Academy Award winning sound and acoustic engineer with over 40 years of industry experience.  His feature film credits include the original, Star Wars.

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